Which rides can I go on if I have a torso measurement of 51” or more?

As you would expect, all guests must be fully strapped in on all of our rides. Similar to smaller guests being subject to height restrictions, larger Adventurers are recommended to follow this advice.

If your torso is approaching 51 inches or more you may be unable to ride the following rides.  This is because tight shoulder and lap bar restraints need to be in place for health & safety reasons.

  • Dragon's Fury
  • Rattlesnake
  • Scorpion Express
  • Jungle Bus
  • Vampire

If your torso is approaching 45 inches, you may not be able to ride Monkey Swinger.

Vampire and Dragon’s Fury also have a maximum height restriction of approximately 1.95 metres.

Please be aware that all of our rides and attractions have different restrictions and requirements, with some having more generous shoulder and lap restraints which are suitable for most Adventurers. Should you have any further queries or concerns, please feel free to contact the Guest Help & Information team.

Please note, we make no guarantee of the availability or suitability of these attractions.


We hope this answers your question.


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