What is the Ride Access Pass and how do I apply?

Ride Access Passes are reserved for adventurers who do not understand the concept of queuing; have difficulties with everyday social interaction; have a limited capacity to follow instruction or to understand others’ emotional feelings or expressions, and may become agitated or distressed having to wait for extended periods of time; and permanently non-ambulant guests.

Please note: Having a registered disability does not mean you automatically receive a Ride Access Pass.

You can register for a Ride Access Pass using our online registration form, or by bringing one of the following documents to our Guest Help & Information team:

  • A certified NHS letter from your doctor or consultant clearly stating why you are eligible for the Pass (dated within last 2 years)
  • A letter or statement from a professional body (e.g. a Nurse or a BUPA Healthcare Advisor) clearly stating why you are eligible for the Pass (dated within last 2 years)
  • A DLA, DWP or PIP letter stating you are entitled to higher rate mobility allowance - please note, we will only accept higher rate mobility allowance for a Ride Access Pass, no other letters will be accepted (dated within last 2 years)
  • A blue badge along with an additional form of photographic identification

Pass users may be accompanied by a maximum of 3 companions on any one ride.


We hope this answers your question.


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