How does the Ride Access Pass work?

• Adventurers will be issued with a Ride Access Pass by the team at Guest Help and Information.

• All Adventurers will be required to sign Terms and Conditions to confirm they understand the policy and how to use it.

• A minimum of one companion is required to accompany the wristband holder on a ride and must be at least 14 years of age, unless stated otherwise in this guide. A maximum of 3 companions may accompany any disabled Adventurer.

• Once issued with a pass, Adventurers will have 10 tokens to use on any attractions of their choosing, once full, a completed pass can be exchanged for a new pass at Guest Help and Information.

• Adventurers are required to present the pass at the designated disabled access point as listed in this guide and where displayed at the attraction.

• Once at the ride or attraction, the attendant will cross through one token.

• When going onto the ride you will be given a time for your next ride, which will correlate to the current length of the main queue for the ride you are at.

Only one pass at any one time will be issued to each eligible disabled Adventurer and lost or damaged passes will not be replaced under any circumstances.

Please note that a maximum of three companions (companions can be interchanged throughout the day) can accompany a disabled Adventurer onto our rides and attractions via the access stated above.

Height, size and other safety restrictions also apply; these are displayed on the Park Map and on signage at the rides and should be read in conjunction with the Accessibility Guide. If guests wish to use the main queue line of a ride to avoid using a ride token they are able to do so however all Ride Access Pass holders must still follow the relevant restrictions for disabled guests and follow the instructions of the Rides and Attractions team.

For further information please visit here.


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