Chessington World of Adventures Resort unearths a NEW Land, Rainforest, featuring three rides! Please see some FAQs below:

The Rainforest

Will the Rainforest be open during Animal Adventures/Zootastic Weekends?
The Rainforest will not be open for Animal Adventures/Zootastic Weekends. We recommend following our social media channels to be among the first to find out when the land is set to open.

When will the Rainforest open?

The Rainforest is set to open in March 2020. We recommend following our social media channels to be among the first to find out when the land is set to open.

What are the restrictions on River Rafts and Jungle Rangers?

As the new land is still under construction, we will await restrictions following assessment by both the manufacturer and our Health and Safety Team once the ride is completed. We do recommend keeping an eye out on our website and official Chessington App for more information coming soon.

What do you do to help the Rainforests?

The Chessington Conservation Fund has supported the World Land Trust for the last eight years. We have partaken in their land purchasing scheme and own an area of land in the Rainforest in Ecuador double the size of the Resort. We support this land’s protection annually against poaching, illegal logging, mining and encroaching from farming, by funding ‘Keepers of the Wild’ (Rangers), to safeguard the area.

Toadies Crazy Cars

Is Toadies Crazy Cars being removed?

After having their run of the road for over 20 years, Mr Toad and his friends have packed their bags to make way the Rainforest,

You’ll still be able to take the wheel and drive, but this time it’ll be in the Rainforest on Jungle Rangers. Young explorers can navigate their vehicle along the trail, spotting creatures along the way.

Will you be selling any of the old Toadies Crazy Cars’ props?

We cannot confirm if we will be auctioning off any of the old props from Toadies Crazy Cars, but we recommend following our social media channels to find out first if we do.

For further information, please visit here.




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