What is the Rainy Day Guarantee and how can I use it?

Our new and improved Rainy Day Guarantee is here to help make sure you get a great day out, even if the weather isn't too good.

If it rains continually for an hour or more during your visit, we'll give you a free day ticket for a return visit later in the year.

This means that you can choose your date and enjoy great online savings without having to worry about the weather:

No more checking the weather forecast - if it rains continuously for over an hour then you can come back for FREE later in the year.

Visiting when the weather isn't so good often means the queues are shorter, plus there are many indoor attractions and restaurants to explore.

Our Rainy Day Guarantee does not apply to Annual Passes or tickets purchased on the day, as you already have the flexibility to come on a day where the weather is better. It also doesn't include any additional products purchased for your initial visit, such as (but not limited to) Hotel stays, Fastrack or Meal Deals. Read our Rainy Day Guarantee page for further details, terms and conditions and our confirmed ‘Rainy Days’.


We hope this answers your question.


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