What is the £29 Early Bird online saver ticket?

This is our best value ticket for adults, children, seniors, students and disabled visitors. It is one flat price of £29 per person, no matter what type of visitor you are. 

How to book Early Bird Tickets from £29.
There is a limited quantity of £29 tickets available for each day that the park is open. Use our price & availability checker to see if saver tickets are available for when you are planning to visit.  

You will need to book before they run out - it's best to book early for busy periods or try and visit on a quieter day. If they run out, or the date is in less than 5 days time, the price switches to the standard online price of from £34 per person.  

Tickets are more expensive on the day - a full adult ticket is £50. This is because it saves us time if you book online and print your own tickets to bring - it saves you time too, as you'll have a much shorter queue at the entrance.

Check ticket prices and availability here.


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