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Ella, 26th August 2018


Megan, 22nd August 2017

Amazing Birthday Treat!

Chris Smith , 4th June 2017

Family with 87 years old great granny and a son (Again!Thank you!!)

Mr & Mrs Hopson, 12th February 2017

Wonderful birthday weekend

Hannah, 31st July 2016

hotel and park

Shaoxia, 4th June 2016


Lorraine, 29th May 2016

Absolutely amazing!

Emma, 10th May 2016

Excellent stay

Anne, 8th May 2016

Brillaint value for money!

Michelle, 5th April 2016

Highly recommended!

Tanya, 19th August 2015


wendy, 14th August 2015

Amazing stay loved every minute!

Mr Corbally, 20th June 2015

Great experience

Heather, 6th June 2015

Wonderful hotel and staff

Francesca, 31st May 2015

Safari Hotel & Chessington Park

Chessington Adventurer, 25th May 2015

Amazing staff time and time again!

C.Matthews, 4th April 2015

Amazing Staff

Joanne, 18th February 2015

Great Stay

Gary, 2nd September 2014

Excellent experience

Amery family, 28th August 2014

Fantastic from start to finish

Alison Potts , 21st August 2014

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