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Amazing experience!

Ella, 26th August 2018

African Adventure! 👌

Lulu, 26th October 2017

Amazing ride

Sky, 16th April 2017


Connie, 12th February 2017

Great! Fun as well!!

Connie, 7th November 2016

I love this ride!

Kaamilah, 20th April 2016

Amazing ride

Stephanie, 28th August 2015

Fantastic time

Claire, 21st August 2015

Best Safari Ever

Jess+Jas, 20th June 2015

African Adventure!

Caitlin, 5th May 2015

A amazing ride!

Esmé Rose , 10th April 2015

Wildest ride at Chessington!

Morgan, 8th April 2015

Zufari: A lovely ride

:)happyface, 18th October 2014


aaron, 22nd August 2014

Great ride

Libby Allen, 18th August 2014

Must Ride!

Emma, 15th June 2014

A Top Ride at the Park.

Sam, 21st May 2014


Kelly, 4th April 2014

Zufari brillaint

Eve, 11th August 2013


Nisa Jahan, 9th July 2013

Fantastic day at chessington

Zoe Rudkin, 6th June 2013

1 word. WOW

Awesome Alice!, 2nd April 2013


Daniel, 2nd April 2013

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