Theme Park rides and attractions will be closed until March 2017.
While the theme park hibernates for the winter you can still have a fun filled family day out at Chessington. Visit us for our Zoo Days - weekends until 4th March 2017.


Chessington’s Carousel is a genuine golden-oldie, a classic merry-go-round with colourful horses to ride up and down on and carriages to sit back and relax in. It’s a taste of good, old-fashioned family fun everyone will love.

Thrill rating: Little Adventurers

Ride restrictions

  • Children shorter than 1.30m must be accompanied by an adult.

See all theme park ride height restrictions.


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A Chessington Classic

“The Carousel is a great little ride for young and old.”

A classic!

“I love the design of the Carousel, it's a great ride for kids! ”

spin around

“it's great in a tea cup you get really dizzy”

Excellent! 1000000/1000000!!!!!!!!!!!

“This ride is the church of Chessington! Ever since I was 2 years of age I remember seeing this ride in my pushchair. It was near the south entrance in those days. The best feature is the pictures on the outside. They just bring back many fond memories. Expempli Gratima: the old Toytown Roundabout, the old Vampire ride, the old Bubbleworks and the other classic rides of authenticity. As a bonus feature when we went to the car at the end of the day you could recognise the pictures of the attractions. Even as a tall teenager I love this ride. Though in a different place it still makes a good spot to view from the Safari Skyway. Other attractions I love are the old Weather House, the Irish Wishing Seat both located in Toytown and Peg Leg Pete on the Chips Ahoy.I'm not mad, I'm special! ”
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