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Peeking Heights

Amazing, even on a foggy day!

“I went to Chessington as a school attendance trip. Well worth it, especially Peeking Heights! We got up to the top, some people were scared. It was VERY foggy and misty, but we could just make about London's Canary Wharf towers and Crystal Palace!”
Dragon Falls


“Me and my friends went on this ride 3 times and every time it kept on getting better!”
Dragon Falls

So good!

“It is the best water ride EVER!”
Dragon Falls

Oh My days!

“I thought this was a calm ride....well it was until we reached the big drop....that is when I prayed to every god going plus a few more that I made up!”
Dragon Falls

Best thing ever

“All I can say is wow. Dragon Falls is so much fun for everyone in the family. My mum tricked my granny to go on it and she enjoyed it too. It is great for everyone and is really exiting! ”
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