Wild Asia

Theme Park rides and attractions will be closed until March 2016.
While the theme park hibernates for the winter (Reopening 18th March 2016) you can still have a fun filled family day out at Chessington. Visit us for Winter’s Tail and during our Zoo Days - weekends and school holidays until 6th March 2016.

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Monkey Swinger


“This was an amazing ride, you should definitely try it.”

Amazing, 5/5

“I went on Kobra for the first time a few weeks ago and it was incredible. I was really nervous but it was great fun!”


“KOBRA is the best, I couldn't stop myself from going on again and again!”


“A thrilling ride, you must go on it!”

I love it!

“KOBRA is an amazing ride, I loved the way the way it spins and goes up and down. Ever since, I've always wanted to go on it again!”
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