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“Really recommend this awesome ride...thanks Chessington for our great day.”
Monkey Swinger

Monkey Swinger Rules

“I absolutely love Monkey Swinger. I was literally drenched when the ride finished, me and my friends laughed so much. If you don't want to be soaked like me, sit near the wall.”
Monkey Swinger


“My Mum and I went on this ride and I got so drenched, that she couldn't stop laughing! By far one of my favourite rides!”
Monkey Swinger

The Drenching Monkey Swingers

“If you go to Chessington you have to go on monkey swingers. If you go on the inside you miss all of the water and most of the fun. I went on the outside and I got absolutely drenched! Even the dryer nearby couldn't get me dry properly because the ride was”

Best ride I have ever been on!

“This is a really amazing ride, it makes you feel tingly inside.”
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