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Best ride I have ever been on!

“This is a really amazing ride, it makes you feel tingly inside.”


“This ride is so fun and exciting, you are flying through the air so fast it’s so fun!”

Favourite Ride Ever!

“I loved the KOBRA so much, being spun in the air is so much fun!”

Amazing Day

“I went to Chessington last year and will return there for my birthday in June. I loved all of the rides, but unfortunately I only managed to go on a few of them, but it was still a great day. Hint: If you come in the morning, don't go onto Vampire or Dragon's Fury first because they are the most popular. Try Tomb Blaster for some early morning family fun.”
Temple of Mayhem

Blasting balls - in a child friendly atmosphere!

“The Temple of Mayhem is a fun ball blasting arena where as well as blasting balls at their friends, kids could even make new friends! Good fun atmosphere so well done Chessington! ”
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